Our Allies

Our allies are people or organizations involved in the tattoo community who are actively serving God in their area through outreach and service to others.


matt laster - bulgaria

Matt Laster is a Tattooer from Southern California and founder of Devoted Ink in Temecula, Ca. He is currently serving in his ministry L.E.D. to Bulgaria in Bulgaria.


salt & light tattoo- chandler, az

Salt & Light Tattoo is owned by christian tattooer Matt Geiogamah. They host a weekly bible study, encourage shop prayer and host charity events for non-profits. They follow Central Christian Churches pledge to honor God and The A.C.T.’s guidelines for christian tattooers.


Ink bomb tattoo- chandler, az

Ink Bomb Tattoo in Chandler Az, is owned by christian tattooer Tabatha Hutchins, where she currently hosts a weekly bible study. Ink Bomb is also known for shop prayer and outreach.