“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go by it.” Matthew 7:13 NKJV

The seventh chapter of the book of Matthew presents the last part of the greatest sermon ever preached: The sermon on the mount.  Jesus, after preaching to the people is closing His sermon by giving many essential principles.  One of these principles is that we ought to walk by the hard and narrow road.  But what does it really mean to walk by the narrow road?  According to Jesus, there are two roads in life we can choose from: The first road is a wide open highway, and it is filled with many people traveling on it.  The second road is a tough narrow road that brings you up and down a difficult path. 

These two roads are illustrations of two different lifestyles. The first one is a broad road that is easy to travel.  This is the way of the world in which people indulge in their lusts and desires, and in the pride of life.  Such path is easy to travel because there is not a fight within the flesh.  The premise is: “Just do what makes you happy.”  It is a broad road where many go and therefore there is not opposition, for the intense flow of people continue to push you forward.  The catch about this broad highway is that it ultimately leads to destruction... to hell.

The narrow road is a representation of the Christian life.  A true follower of Jesus is he who walks behind his shepherd through the difficult path.  This way is tough because there is opposition from the world, from the enemy (satan), and our own flesh.  This is indeed the difficult path in which we ought to leave our own desires aside, and submit our lives to the will of God.  To follow the shepherd no matter where He takes us.  Thankfully, Jesus promises to be with us through the entire road.  To love, guide, protect, and strengthen us in times of difficulty and temptation. Finally, after all the suffering and difficulty Jesus promises a reward.  The prize is eternal existence, life abundantly in the presence of our Creator.  Eternal life in fellowship with the one who loved us more than anybody has, or ever will... Our good shepherd Jesus Christ.

- Written by Ray Angulo